Why Forex?

Reasons why Forex is the best option for Retail Traders

  1. Forex is liquid
    • 80% is speculative in nature
    • Traders hoping to make profit from rising or falling prices
  2. Easy to short
    • There are no restrictions on short selling in Forex.
    • The huge liquidity and speculative nature makes it easy to open a short position.
    • If you wanted to short a stock, you’d have to call your broker and hope that they’d have the shares to lend you and that they’d be willing to lend them to you so that you can open a short position.
    • Lots of countries actually have restrictions on short selling, so they might not even let you short sell stocks.
    • With Forex being a self-regulating and very large market short selling is very easy to do.
  3. Low Cost
    • Because the market is so large, there are brokers showing up all the time and the prices of trading are going down as they compete.
    • The average EURUSD spread is 1.2 pips; if you were to open a 1 Lot position with a 1.2 Pips Spread your cost would be $12 USD
  4. Leverage
    • Brokers offer a lot of leverage on Spot FX
    • Margin requirements as low as 0.2%
  5. Limited Exposure to Fundamentals
    • With Forex we can look at the economic calendar and see when particular news releases will be coming out, like Non-Farm Payrolls and rate decisions
    • Whereas with equities we’ll know when the earnings data is coming out , but you won’t know when a company is going to announce that they’ve gone bankrupt or that there’s a change of CEO, or that they’re under investigation. This means that you’re totally exposed to fundamentals outside of your control.
    • In Forex the vast majority of fundamentals that move the market are scheduled and can be predicted