1. Relying solely on trading systems is s slow death. Use systems as your guide, but don’t outsmart your common sense.
  2. If finding or placing a trade is difficult, chances are you’re doing it wrong.
  3. If the market does not take out the A, it has no choice but to go your way.
  4. Avoid damage to your trading account due to pullbacks by locking in profits early with protective stop losses.
  5. Plot your ABCDs before you plot your Fibonaccis, but use both tools to identify future reversal points.
  6. Check your fixed target each and every morning to identify future direction.
  7. The important part is not questioning the target, it’s timing your market entry based upon that target.
  8. Don’t neglect the exotic currency pairs.
  9. The biggest rule to creating passive income is properly using system based trading.
  10. Don’t lose a second of shuteye. Utilize automated trading systems to find trades while you sleep.
  11. Take the Swiss army knife approach to your technical analysis, but make sure you know how to use this approach safely.
  12. Monitor the smaller news stories that come out of the U.S. that could have the biggest impact on the market and your trades.
  13. If your primary USD pairs are moving in varying directions, be advised of the danger zone and stay out of the market.
  14. Take the CEO approach to trading by delegating the work but retaining the right to have the final say. Do this to amplify your trading system.
  15. Trade with the full month in mind, even if you plan to take profit quickly (within the next 5 trading days).
  16. There’s money to be made when trading by the day, but be sure to monitor the market waves.
  17. The trend is your friend until it bends.
  18. If you give into the myths, you could be giving away your profits. Learn the facts from the fiction surrounding the market and your trades.
  19. Always calculate the danger zone BEFORE the announcement is released. Stay out if the market enters into the danger zone during the moments after the announcement’s release.
  20. Set monthly calendar reminders to monitor the top three Major U.S. fundamental announcements to potentially profit from pops of market volume.